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Today is just-


I’ve been having a really tough time since my mom died last Sunday. It felt like nothing was going right: My college tuition might not be continued, my family keeps blaming my mom’s death on my dad, my healthcare is gone and i have a really bad ear ache to top it off along with the fact that we can’t afford flowers for my mom’s funeral.

But now things are turning better. Some friends are sending flowers, and my favorite artist, Amor-Amorra, is sending flowers too. Tomorrow morning i’m getting up at five AM with some friends to drive up to the Flower District in LA to see if anyone else at the vendors will donate.

Things seem to be looking up, and i’m so happy because i just might be able to give my mom the funeral she deserves.

Thanks, Amor-Amorra, and thanks to everyone else who’s donating.

I can’t tell you guys how relieved and happy i am right now.





This was the song I made for the Homestuck music contest. It’s a theme for AH.

It’s called “Stab Them, Drown Them, I Don’t Care What You Do As Long As You Bring Me The Heads of Troll Kids”

Decided to post this on tumblr because I wanted people to hear it, and I’m positive it won’t get on the album, but I can be happy knowing I finished something I guess.

Lots of post-hardcore shit. Nothing to see here.

wow shit this is good

so i was sitting here thinking “might as well listen”

holy shit


holy shit


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