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The Legend Of Korra Finale: Things i’m looking forward to, and things that are going to make me lose my shit.

So the finale is just two days away. And I for one, am excited, but at the same time, I’m fearful, thanks to the commercials. So I introduce my list of shit.

Things I am looking forward to seeing in the season finale:

> The Lieutenant failing again. C’mon, bro. You’ve been fucked up by Korra, Asami, Jinora, and Naga now. Who’s next in line to hand your ass to you?
> Another awesome Korra Vs. Amon battle/ eye sexytimes. That’s good shipping fodder.
>Asami kicking ass. I love seeing the rich, pampered girl take care of herself.
>Bolin and Mako fighting together. They make awesome battle partners.
>Mako NOT being a dick. Seriously bro, make up your mind already!
>Tenzin coming back and fucking shit up.
>Iroh and the Fire Nation fucking Equalist shit up.
>Lin and her badassery. I know she’s coming back and kicking some ass.
>Tahno? If he still exists?

Things that are going to make me lose my shit (if they do happen)

>Korra gets her bending taken away. WTF.
>Korra’s PARENTS getting their bending taken away. I don’t know how they would get all the way to Republic City, but yeah.
>Anyone who had their bending taken away not being able to get it back.
>Amon dying. Then I wouldn’t have Amorra shipping fodder anymore.
>Lin not getting her bending back
>ANYTHING bad happening to Mako and Bolin
>Asami turns into a traitor because Mako is a dick

Feel free to add to this list.

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