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So I’m finishing up the last of the requests in my ask box

And I want more.


So I’m going to sit here:

And write until I get more. Feel free to stop by and drop a request. I’ll even write you a paragraph in chat and give it to you. I would very much like to do this because it sounds hilariously fun. 

Ships I already write without question: FrostHawk, Thorki, FrostIron, Samifer, Loki/Loki, Loki/Reader, pretty much Loki/Anything (I still have limits though)

If your ship isn’t up there, LET ME KNOW AND I WILL TRY TO WRITE IT AS BEST AS I CAN. I also write Clint/Phil and Super Husbands and everything.


Some weird dude/person posted some creepy ass comments on my porn fics on A03.

"I’ll bribe you and keep you away, little one…"

First I was all:


But then I understood, and was:


I also received some other gems:

"You took the raw feeling of the words "He made me kill" and turned it into an instrument of pleasure.

Some authors enjoy it when their fans say that they will never write again because the work was insurpassable.

I will not flatter you so, but only because I am not the type of person who lets despair destroy me.”


"Seriously filthy. I mean, explicit is one thing, but this is *filthy*.

…in a good way, of course…”


"He wanted to please him so badly, to show him that although he had been gone, Clint still wanted nothing more than to obey. / That even though he was no longer under Loki’s thrall, he didn’t need to be."

I think that has to be my favorite line… Why does this have to be fanfiction?

Why can’t there be canonsful of this stuff?


Okay, now I know that these comments were probably meant to be nice, and they are kinda compliment-y, but still, they’re giving me the willies.

Meat is Murder

crookedmouth wanted The Smiths and Lingerie. So, of course, I gave it to her. Sorry it took so long, bootyface!


This beautiful creature must die,

This beautiful creature must die.

A death for no reason,

And death for no reason is MURDER.

-The Smiths.


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Guess what time it is?

That’s right, boys and girls.

It’s porn time again.

My RP blog is sad and empty so I have nothing to do,


I’ve got about three requests left in my ask box that I am writing right this minute. Which means I need more. 

You know the drill,but in case you’re new to this, we’ll go over it again.

We’re playing the mini prompt game, guys:

-Leave them in my ask box

-I welcome all kinks. Seriously. No kink is too big, small, or ‘cliche’.

-Usually I write prompts from 300 words to 500, unless a prompt resonates in my soul and I just go with it.

-Your prompt can be NSFW, OR SFW. It’s okay. Just because it’s porn time doesn’t mean your request HAS to be porn.

-Each prompt will be answered and then posted and linked to the ‘REQUESTS’ button on my sidebar. That’s where you can find all of them.

-Pairings I am accepting: FrostHawk, FrostIron, Loki/Loki,Thorki, Samifer(LOOK GUYS I FINALLY DID THE SUPERNATURAL THING.), Loki/Natasha, Loki/Reader, Tony/Loki/Thor. If something you want isn’t here in the fandom spectrum, give me it anyway and we’ll see what I can do.


Sometimes Tumblr eats my asks. So if you don’t see your prompt posted within this week, SEND IT AGAIN AND I WILL WRITE IT UNLESS SPECIFIED OTHERWISE.

Sometimes what I write isn’t what you want. That’s understandable. But even though I encourage constructive criticism, I don’t like bitching. At all. It’s one thing to be unhappy with something someone’s given you and another to just blow up.



Mini-Prompt: Kill or Capture

falsechaos asked:

Frosthawk prompt: Loki’s been on Earth a while and not causing any trouble, but SHIELD wants to pin him down. Widow and Hawk finally track him down. It’s time to make the call to kill or capture and Widow chooses capture, not because they’ve got opportunity to capture Loki without bloodshed, but because she knows that no matter how much Hawkeye needs revenge, he needs Loki staying alive.

“Kill, or capture?”

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So it’s late. I’m bored. I honestly have nothing to do and feel so very neglected.

So you know what time it is.

It’s porn time.


Same rules as before with the mini-prompt game:

-Requests are answered in 500 words or less, unless specified as “holy shit I’m going to write this fuck out of this.”

-You can request FrostHawk(PLEASE GIVE ME), FrostIron, Thorki, LokixLoki(You know he fucks his clones and vice versa) so far, but if you want other Loki ships let me know and we’ll work something out.

-Please keep in mind that sometimes Tumblr eats my asks, so if yours isn’t answered send me it again! I get a lot of anons, and I love them very much, but it’s easier for me to get a hold of you when I have your blog.

-All requests are posted in the ‘requests’ portion of my mainblog.

-Leave your requests in my ask box

-They’re usually answered hourly or even within fifteen minutes unless specified otherwise.

-I am also open for RP via misplacedarpeggios

-Honestly I want some more frosthawk. Please give me what I want.


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