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Perhaps In Another Life, Chapter Forty One: An Amorra Fanfic


Amon was grading papers at his desk when she came in, freshly showered and changed from her and the boy’s makeshift practice session in the school gym. She had checked the teacher’s lot for his Audi after leaving the gym, and when she found it still there, even an hour after school had let out, she journeyed to his classroom despite her aching arms and sore leg that just begged to be iced.

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Working on a new multi-chapter fic to post.

It should be done by late next week, because i have yet to do a Captured!Korra fic with Kidnapper!Amon. I have no idea why i haven’t written one of these yet, but it’s happening now. Three chapters already done. I absolutely love writing banter between these characters simply because they’re both so dominating, assertive, and competitive. They just clash sohard.

Feels, unfs, and wtfs to soon follow.

Perhaps In Another Life, Chapter Forty: An Amorra Fanfic

Korra had told the whole crowd of Equalists the truth, and no one would listen.

They all booed, hissed, and worst of all, Amon denied everything.

The icy core that had once been her heart throbbed, and she wanted to jump down onto that stage and throttle him. He wasn’t even man enough to admit to his deceit. No, he was going to keep on pretending, to keep being AMON.

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Perhaps In Another Life, Chapter Thirty Nine: An Amorra Fanfic

Not five minutes after Senna returned, dressed in fresh clothes, Tonraq started to stir.

Korra noticed his hands twitching when Senna came in, smelling of her orchid shampoo, her hair braided tightly into her usual two in the front, wrapped with deep blue ribbon.

Korra had fallen asleep on Amon’s shoulder, but had woken when Senna entered, repeatedly thanking Amon for sitting with Korra at Tonraq’s bedside. Korra had sat up, rubbed at her eyes, and looked down at her father.

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Perhaps In Another Life, Chapter Thirty Eight: An Amorra Fanfic

"Hey mom, I got you a chai tea."

Senna turned and smiled from her seat on a comfortably looking leather armchair, letting go of her sleeping husband’s hand to stand and hug her daughter. However, Korra had two bags slung over her shoulder and had a drink carrier and a bag full of In N Out in both hands, and had to place her burden down on the table set across the room first before Senna could embrace her.

"How’s dad?" Korra murmured, as Senna hugged her tightly.

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Perhaps In Another Life, Chapter Thirty Seven: An Amorra Fanfic

Korra sped all the way to the hospital, weaving through traffic so recklessly that she thought a cop might try and pull her over. She was going well over seventy down the freeway, sobbing so hard that it was hard to breathe let alone drive, but to her surprise, not a single cop took notice of her.

Perhaps it was because they were all busy trying to find whoever had shot her father.

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Perhaps In Another Life, Chapter Thirty Six: An Amorra Fanfic

Korra woke from her dreams screaming, the sound drawn out raw and hoarse.

She clapped her hands over her mouth the very moment she realized that she was in bed and not collapsed on the cold stone floor where Amon had taken her bending, but knew she was too late as she heard running footsteps approach her door, and wretch it open.


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